Business Financial Planning


Businesses and their directors have unique needs that are constantly evolving. We understand that your main focus will always be the day to day running of your company, but issues like group pensions, or shareholder and business protection need to be addressed efficiently and cost effectively.

From 2012, the new workplace pension legislation has come into force. We understand from talking to our clients the information and advice being offered is inconsistent at best. However we have developed extensive expertise this area through working with a leading national franchise and their compliance with the new regime, and can assist you and your business in turning this perceived threat into a positive opportunity for you and your employees.


"I know what I wanted to achieve; I wanted to start a pension, and income protection to make sure my family was OK if I couldn’t work. I just didn’t know how to do it. Charlie listened to my plans and showed me how to meet my goals, in a way my accountant was very impressed with! He has been excellent since in keeping me up to date with new ideas too."

- Paul, Director